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Hardcover and Digital Editions | Full Color | 108 Pages

Hardcover: $19.99 | Digital: $2.99

IDW Publishing (hardcover) | Ferret Press (digital)

Foreword by Derf, award-winning cartoonist of the graphic novel "My Friend Dahmer," as well as the nationally syndicated alt-weekly comic strip "The City"

Lifelike is best described as slice of life stories...and beyond. Each vignette, illustrated by a different artist, presents a glimpse into a different corner of the world outside our window. From the familiar to the unknown, it's all here.

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Lifelike's stories are not limited to the cliched autobiographic tales so often associated with the genre. Instead, the stories range in content from noir crime to love stories to war memoirs to humorous conversation pieces. A multicultural, multiethnic cast of characters infuses the book with a realism often missing from today's comics.

Brought to you by creator/write Dara Naraghi and the following talented artists from the USA, Romania, and Brazil:

  • Adrian Barbu
  • Andy Bennett
  • Shom Bhuiya
  • Steve Black
  • Neil Errar
  • Jerry Lange
  • Steven Spenser Ledford
  • Irapuan Luiz
  • Marvin Mann
  • Tim McClurg
  • Tom Williams

The Long Journey - 6-page story, click to enlarge

…and the rest - first page preview of the remaining stories, click to enlarge

Testimonials and Reviews

"Really inventive stuff." -- Sam Kieth (The Maxx, Batman, Four Women)

"Wonderfully expansive in narrative scope and illustrated by an astounding gathering of talented graphic artisans..." -- Win Wiacek, Now Read This

"...a book that is visually diverse but beautiful to look at, and held together by the strength of Naraghi's writing." -- Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy

"There are so many different visual styles here, and Naraghi is such a versatile storyteller, that they barely seem to be part of the same series, but there's something that links them together, a great storyteller's sensibility." -- Cory Doctorow, Nebula & Locus award-winning novelist

"Grade A storytelling." -- Jack's Webcomic Reviews

"There is no central theme beyond life, and it's presented here with a varied richness that I greatly enjoy. Fans of realistic fiction won't be disappointed." -- Wednesday Webcomic Weview

"Dara Naraghi weaves deliciously dark tales with unexpected twists and turns. Great stuff!" -- Derf, award-winning alt-indy cartoonist of "The City"

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You can purchase the Lifelike graphic novel in both digital and print editions.

Digital Edition

Experience the same content as the print edition, but in a more convenient, versatile, and inexpensive format. Digital editions are available for only $2.99 from any of these outlets:

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Print Edition

For those readers who savor the tactile experience of holding a real book in their hands and flipping through the pages, Lifelike is also available as a deluxe hardcover book with slipcase:

Direct From the Author - Get Lifelike for $12 (that's $8 off the cover price) plus free shipping in the US (International orders please add $8). Books can also be autographed and personalized, just ask!

Bookstores - Lifelike is available from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or any other bookstore, online or in-store.

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Title: Lifelike
Author: Dara Naraghi
ISBN-10: 1-600101-22-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-60010-122-9

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