"It's All About Fun!" - Panel style!

Panel Assemble! archives

Welcome to the archives for our collaborative comic jam, Panel Assemble! This fun project was started on our blog by Tom Williams on February 11, 2006. Each artist draws a single panel and tags the next, who has to continue the story. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll horizontally. Enjoy!

And don't forget to check out our blog for the latest installments.

Tom Williams, 2/11/2006 Matt Kish, 2/13/2006 Andy Bennett, 2/22/2006 Tim McClurg, 2/27/2006 Craig Bogart, 3/7/2006 Tony Goins, 3/17/2006 Dara Naraghi, 3/21/2006 Dan Barlow, 3/24/2006 Tom Williams, 3/25/2006 Tony Goins, 4/4/2006 Sean McGurr, 4/5/2006
We still have panels to go.