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Dara Naraghi
Publisher / Editor / Writer / Receptionist / Waterboy / Custodial Engineer / Dude

Dara was born in Tehran, Iran. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University, having earned his PhD in Molecular Hyperbole in a record 6 months. His 800 page thesis was written entirely in limericks and began, appropriately enough, with 'There once was a neutron from Nantucket'. Dara once thought he had psychic powers, but as it turned out it was just bad sushi.

Dara currently earns more money than a hooker at a Republican convention, but unfortunately spends it faster than a Democrat at a hooker convention. He has a black belt in Kung Fu, Karate, and full contact Haiku.

In short, Dara is a proactive, empowered, solution enabler competing in the new millennium global economy. To better understand what we mean, check out Lifelike , his free weekly webcomic under the Stan Lee's Sunday Comics banner of Komikwerks.com

Adrian's website
Adrian Barbu

Born in 1964, Adrian is one of the last examples of an endangered and almost extinct species: the Romanian comic artist (only 5-6 individuals still alive). In 2003 he won an Achievement Award in the L. Ron Hubbard "Illustrators of the Future" contest. Adrian has managed to live several lives simultaneously: teacher (specialized in French), writer (critical articles about sci-fi), advertising illustrator (storyboards and other silly things), musician (6-7 instruments), translator (from and into French, English, German in all directions, not to mention Romanian, his first foreign language) and nightloser (his most long-lasting job). Other obsessions: drawing, special effects, horror, clay-modeling, drawing, black beer, fairytales, drawing, Albrecht Durer, Celtic mythology, drawing, martial arts, oriental wisdom, drawing, M.C.Escher (not Hammer), drawing, 3D-animation, medieval music and theater, drawing, pipe-smoking, Tolkien, Irish ballads, drawing, red wine (self made, and hence, dangerous) wood-carpentry, and drawing.

Credits: BigCityBlues (artist), Panel Comix Anthology (contributing artist), Rooftop Philosophy (artist), A Little Knowledge (artist)

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Dan Barlow

Born an raised in Ohio, Dan Barlow has been drawing and ignoring society since the first grade. Still saving money from recycling cans to go to college, he is often seen around Dayton with a piece of cheese in his front pocket. This bald omnivore likes playing pinball and making eye gestures at the elderly, 'wink, wink'. If Dan ever had a paying art assignment, his wife would pack up the kid an leave, accusing him of selling grit again. Odd truths: He has been kicked out of Sunday school for fighting and pooping on the church lawn. He has been attacked by a ostrich. He once left a date behind at a Halloween cult ceremony.

Credits: BigCityBlues (artist), Panel Comix Anthology (contributing artist)

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Steve Black

Steve is the energetic and highly prolific illustrator and creator of AKA. His work has been accepted into such prestigious shows as The Society of Illustrators, New York and L.A. Look for his art in the ongoing series AKA, from Ferret Press.

He is a quirky artist who loves the smell of small press comics and has been known on occasion to sleep with his prized copy of Moby Dick, illustrated by Rockwell Kent.

Credits: AKA (creator/artist), BigCityBlues (artist), Panel Comix Anthology (contributing artist), A Night at Oldfield's (artist)

Tim's website
Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer spends his days punching a clock and his nights slapping down ink. Tim's comic book work has been featured in J. Kevin Carrier's "Fantasy Theater" and Radio Comix's "Mangaphile," and he has just wrapped up work on a new episode of Dara Naraghi's "Xxxagnut Beefman: Alien Porn Star." He's currently working on a project for Ape Entertainment.

A 1994 graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Tim works professionally as a graphic designer. He shares his modest home in Columbus, Ohio, with his lovely wife, Angela, and their three, goofy dogs.

Credits: Xxxagnut Beefman (artist)

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Chris Keane
Artist / Doktor Destrukto

Chris Keane is the mortal shell of Doktor Destrukto. Chris Keane lives as a stoic monk in the Brooklyn hinterlands, sleeping four hours a night and subsisting on white rice and Budweiser. Chris Keane has nothing to show for these efforts other than near-complete renal failure and acute narcolepsy. Chris Keane has Doktor Destrukto absolutely under control. Chris Keane knows that his XY chromosomes make him half the woman he could have been, but you love him for the man he wants to be. Chris Keane has been accused of aesthetic gentrification. Doktor Destrukto is a triangle in time and a crime worse than murder. Chris Keane accepts donations and gives a pretty good hug, considering how a mole could count his ribs from five hundred yards. Chris Keane requests that you immediately notify the proper authorities, and tell them to shoot to kill.

Credits: Xxxagnut Beefman (character designs/artist)

Rudy Lacovara

Not much is known by the public about this mysterious artist, other than the fact that he lives and works in Colorado.

He may be married. He may have kids. He may run a website for high tech jobs.

Then again, he may not. Who knows? One thing is for sure, though. His name is Rudy Lacovara.

Or is it?

Credits: BigCityBlues (artist)

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Jason Long
Web Developer

By day, Jason is a Professional Geek (aka. Software Developer) and by night, a web monkey, vigalante crime fighter, Chippendale dancer, and Compulsive Liars Annonymous group leader.

Not having the artistic chops for becoming a professional comic artist hasn't stopped Jason. His whiteboard and Post-It pad doodles are legendary around the office (at least in his own mind) and he knows that being a cubicle drone can only lead to great things - like creating a Dilbert comic strip ripoff.

Jason is often asked for his advice to aspiring creative types. "That's easy," he says, "the first chance you get to sell out, you do it. Look at me, I'm still doing pro-bono work for weasel-based comic companies!"

Credits: This whole damn web site (overall design/initial construction)

Tim's website
Tim McClurg

Tim is currently an unknown artist...

Wait, I guess now you know of him.

But you should probably get to know him better before we go into much more detail about his life. I mean, it's not that he doesn't trust you...it's just that you just kinda' met and...

Credits: Comeback (artist), Panel Comix Anthology (contributing artist)

Dennis Murphy
Dennis Murphy

Dennis is a crime fighter by day and an inkslinger by night. When he's not shaggin' calls and jailing evil-doers in Dayton, Ohio's west side, he's hanging up his gunbelt for his crow quill and paper pad. Back in 1992 Dennis started trying to break into comics as a penciller. In 1994 his uncle introduced him to Cam Kennedy. At the time Kennedy was inking the first Boba Fett one shot. "I watched Cam ink a page and thought maybe I should try that." Cam took him through a week long crash course in inking and he has embraced the medium ever since. Dennis is looking forward to the days when his art is on the comic stands and the royalty checks are coming in. "Keep looking and I'll keep waiting". Oh, he's also a tattoo artist for Glen Scott tattoos in Dayton, Ohio.

Credits: BigCityBlues (inker), Panel Comix Anthology (inker)

Studio Papillon website
Alfa Robbi

There is a city in Indonesia, called Semarang, where a boy named Alfa was born. Now 22 years old and with a girlfriend, he is doing whatever it takes to reach his dream of becoming a great comic artist. The dream has come true but not 100%, maybe like 10-15%. Alfa has published a few books in his country, including Boneka Kematian #1 (planned as a trilogy) and Go-Go F5. While still doing many pin-ups and illustrations for comics, his current focus is being a good student at college. Alfa runs a comic studio called "Papillon" with his magnificent friends. His other activities are sleeping, eating, playing PC games, watching MTV, and then sleeping again. He can be contacted at ca_joen@hotmail.com.

Credits: Valon's Curse (artist)

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