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BigCityBlues Comic Book

Imagine a multicultural city populated with superhumans...

Now imagine that they appear only on the periphery of our tales. They are nameless. They have no voice. Rather, the dialogue belongs to the ordinary citizens of the city; the inhabitants whose lives are directly or indirectly affected by the presence of the superhumans in their midst.

Welcome to BigCityBlues...where slice-of-life meets the fringes of the superhero world.

"Keep up the great work. Its labors-of-love like yours that keep this industry alive, growing and young!" -- Matt Wagner

"Naraghi has a nice ear for dialogue and a skill for writing slice-of-life stories..." -- Steven Grant

"If this is the sort of quality work we can expect from indie books nowadays, I may swear off the Big Two altogether." - CINESCAPE magazine

Brought to you by:

  • Creator/Writer: Dara Naraghi (AKA, Panel anthology, Digital Webbing Presents, Launchpad)
  • Adrian Barbu (Panel anthology, 2003 L. Ron Hubbard "Illustrators of the Future" Achievement Award winner)
  • Dan Barlow (Digital Webbing Presents)
  • Steve Black (AKA, Panel anthology, Digital Webbing Presents)
  • Rudy Lacovara (Launchpad)
  • Dennis Murphy (Hammergirl)

Preview: Hover on the thumbnails for more info, then click to view a larger version of the page:

Page 1: 'Intersections', art by Barlow and Murphy Page 2: 'Intersections', art by Barlow and Murphy Page 3: 'Intersections', art by Barlow and Murphy Page 16: 'Protect and Serve', art by Barbu
Page 17: 'Protect and Serve', art by Barbu Page 18: 'Protect and Serve', art by Barbu Page 21: 'Public Image', art by Black Page 22: 'Public Image', art by Black
Page 23: 'Public Image', art by Black Page 32: 'Plans and Perceptions', art by Lacovara Page 33: 'Plans and Perceptions', art by Lacovara Page 43: Bonus Material: Steve Black's character designs for 'Public Image'
Page 37: Bonus Material: script to 'Plans and Perceptions'

Music CD
BCB CD booklet outside
BCB CD booklet inside
BigCityBlues Music CD: "Street Music"
The perfect soundtrack for the comic, this hour-long CD features the music of 4 talented bands. From the kick-ass rock-n-roll of No Soul Jones and the alt-pop of eightmmstar, to the orchestral rock of Wigglepussy, Indiana and the smooth Americana sounds of The Randys, this CD is the perfect musical ying to the book's sequential art yang.

Sample: Click the selected tracks below for a low-bandwidth sample of the songs (click the band logos to visit their respective websites):

1. Awake Now
2. Friday Night Curse
3. Pure
4. No Soul Jones

5. White
6. Life at the Gallows
7. She and Her Lips
8. Spontaneous Combustion

9. driven
10. fade
11. invisible
12. wonder

13. Lonely For You
14. Highway
15. Saab

As a bonus, the CD comes packaged in a funky "triggerpack" case!

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